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24K Gold Mask Benefits


24K Gold Mask Benefits

Acne prevention anti-inflammatory
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduces the appearance of sun damage.

Reduces age spots.

Helps lighten skin.

Evens out skin tone.

Melanin formation and pigmentation of skin is controlled.

Makes skin look and feel smoother and softer.

Fights off damaging free radicals.

Helps prevent premature aging.

Slows down collagen depletion.

Defies the human aging process.

Look younger almost immediately.

Provides a golden glow.

Promotes skins firmness.

Increases skin elasticity.

Provide a tightening effect.

Prevents sagging skin

Minimizes skin inflammation.

Lifts the skin

Stimulates cellular growth.

Rejuvenates the skin.

Serves as an all natural sunscreen.

Helps in Lymphatic Drainage.

Lessens scarring and skin blemishes.

Repairs damaged skin cells

Increases the life of the skin.

Gold Mask History

Cleopatra slept with a mask of pure gold on her face to maintain a radiant complexion and preserve her beauty. Gold boosts blood flow, spreads cellular processes, restores elasticity and creates glowing even skin tone. Gold increases the skin’s metabolic rate and moisture levels, helping to buffer against premature aging by reducing wrinkles, fine lines, hyper pigmentation, also reducing under eye circles.   

24K Gold Leaf Mask

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